Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Let me hear your battlecry! - part 2

It has been two months since I last posted, but I was not idle during those weeks. I have for the most part finished all of the leaders and elite troops, as well as the normal warriors.

Nobles and Elite Warriors
I tried to layer on the paint to give some definition to the clothing, not sure it was worth the effort (aka time) but it does really make some colors stand out.

No shield transfers for these warriors.

Next up were the warriors for the warband. I was going to go hog wild on patterns, but after a couple of less than successful "designs" I decided to just paint plain colored cloth for the rest of the figures. It has been my experience, that once a figure is on the table, all the "fancy" work on the figure disappears.
I gave most of them spears, as another subtle difference between the armored and non-armored troops when playing the game.
Another Noble if needed
Speaking of shields, I unfortunately discovered that the small shield transfers for the gripping beast figures were to big to fit! So I ended up having to hand paint the shields. Some of them turned out good, some not so much, though as a bonus they all fit in with the painting style of the figure. I had about fifty to do at once, so after priming them, stuck them to "dull" tape to paint up ... this worked really well.
Extra Shields
I still have some archers and light cavalry to finish, which I hope to get to next week. The archers will painted just like the warriors, but might spend some extra time on the horsemen as I only will ever paint up four of them.

Primed and Ready for Paint
I have yet to fully decide on whether to "Dip" the figures or not. I am leaning toward dipping as I have been doing that to all my miniatures for years now. Though I do like how the color pops off the figures and know the dip will dull those colors down. I am also worried about the shields getting to much dip on them.  But I suspect once I have finished the skirmishers, I'll dip the whole batch of them in on go.

Then it will be on to basing ... which I have yet to decide on 20mm or 25mm rounds? I am leaning towards 25mm but several others seem inclined toward 20mm rounds. I suppose at the end of the day it won't matter much, though basing is kind of a pet peeve of mine.

In between painting the different class of Saxon warriors I have been finishing up a second unit of Austrian cuirassiers.
And while I am at it ... a few more Austrian generals as well.

I really need to get the above finished as there are several store projects piling up. Boromites for Beyond the Gates of Antares and US/USSR tanks for Team Yankee!

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