Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Let me hear your battlecry! - part 3

My final post on building my force for Dux Britanniarum, any further post will be battle reports or campaign updates. Below is an overview of Sigeric's band of warriors now ready to plunder the riches of Britain. Chronicles note:  Alas Sigeric memory of his band may not match actual history (AKA what I actually roll up for Sigeric may be different than below!)

  Sigeric “Always Victorious” is the second son of Maganradus and has already established himself as a proven warrior with several victories over Frankish Foederati.
Though it is this success that has caused friction with his older brother and in turn put his life in danger!

His mother (Giselberga) pressed him to leave and strike out his own before something "terrible" happened to him. With the knowledge that his older brother will inherit his father's lands, it is an easy choice to flee danland.

He buy's himself and his small band passage on a ship to the British Isle in a quest to carve out lands for himself.

As always, Leofric “Friendly Blade” his trusty champion, accompanies him as he sets sails for the British lands with fourteen other Vikings.
They land at Iceni and soon travel through Mercia to Catuvellauni, as he has heard that there are plenty of warlords aspiring to take lands from the weak British lords.

At Catuvellauni, Ecbald, Hamrolf, and Leofric spread tales of Sigeric might of arms and it is not long before he comes to the attention of a Walord. Auduin must have seem something in Sigeric as he allows twenty two other raiders to join his band.

His warband is now large enough to begin raiding the British lands of their riches. With success he hopes his band will grow and allow him to become a warlord in his own right.

Except for his two trusted friends, Sigeric will keep his best warriors by his side. They will form the elite of his warband and will be counted upon to vanquish any resistance encountered. Adorned in their heavy mail, with blade and shield they should excel at this task.


Ecbald “The Bold” is Sigeric’s oldest friend, and he will lead the bulk of the other warriors. In particular, the brothers Forwin and Frotfird were placed under the watchful eye of Ecbald. While the two are excellent fighters, due in large part to their constant fighting between themselves, they need a strong commanding presence to keep them from “accidentally” killing one or the other!

Hamarolf “The Hammer” will command the other six warriors. They are the fittest and fastest of his warriors and Sigeric expects he will send The Hammer on numerous flanking attacks with these warriors. Dagaleich, Brandulf, Hroddag and Ganefard are the youngest warriors in the band and should test Hamarolf with their youthful agility.

Sigeric is also accompanied by four woodsmen with bows. While they are not much use in battle, they provide Sigeric with some scouts and hunters. The best Sigeric can expect of them in battle is to harass the enemy with their arrows.

Of the four, the boy Wulfstan "Stone Wolf" has some talent. Though he is a British slave (won by Sigeric while gambling at Iceni) he is an excellent shot with the bow.

The boy's British name was Teutorigos but he was aptly given the Danish name Wulfstan by his former master after he calmly faced and brought down a charging wolf.

However, his real value is his knowledge of the area and his mastery of the British language that Sigeric will utilize from the boy.
I have finished the Saxon mounted contingent ...

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