Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Austrian Cuirassier Regiment II

Long overdue but the second regiment of Austrian Cuirassiers is finished! I was able to finish up the unit in between some of my other projects.
BP Cavalry Regiment: 12 figures on four bases - 240mm wide by 50mm deep.

For some reason the white turned about better on this unit. I suspect it is because I am using a different can of Tudor "dip" on this regiment.

I also painted up a few more generals for the Austrians ... I now have plenty of Division and Brigade leaders for any Black Powder game using my Austrians.

Next up for Napoleonic's: I am leaning towards painting up four more French Battalions ... I have some very "old" Old Glory figures and think I'll just slam out a few battalions to bulk up the French basic's (currently only have 6 Bn's). Though I would really like to do so more Russian's! I'll let you know what wins out on my next post.

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