Monday, June 20, 2016

6mm Micro Armor Trees

As I have been in a painting slump these last couple of months, I decided i'd finish up a few small projects. I was able to touch up some figures for my Frostgrave warband, rebase of all my Napoleonic sailing ships to use with Fighting Sail from Osprey and work on some trees from GHQ for my modern micro armor.

I have had two packs of GHQ tree kits for several years, but never got around to making them. However, we have been gaming some modern micro armor lately, and this motivated my to figure how to build them before our next game. So after reading the instructions and watching a copy of the 1980's terrain maker video on YouTube, I gathered up everything and made a few test trees. Satisfied with the results I cut out enough for 30 deciduous trees (a bunch of pine tree will be later). Note: I may go back and for future trees, use a putty/paint solution on the tree trunks.

The tools used plus a paint brush for the tree trunks. As you'll see later,
 the pink foam was used to hold the trees until I hot blued them to pennies.

This is what comes out of the bag.

Using snips to cut up the "tree".

I then bent the piece at a 90 degree. Placed one side on a
 paint brush and wrap the other half around the brush

Once you slide out the brush it looks like this.

Now for the trunk ... a candle came in handy for this step.

Did not set one of them on fire!

Stuck them into the foam, then painted the trunks.

Not shown, but I covered the tree in glue and dip it into my bin of flocking.

I bent the truck twice at 90 degrees to give it "base" then hot glued them to pennies.

I did up a few as "Cyprus" tree
BMP company on overwatch at the edge of a woodline

T-72 moving down a grass road

Next up is a batch of pine trees, though once done I will just update this post with a few pics. I am saving a few trees to put on building sectors. Think I am going to try and build my own buildings as I want them a little smaller than the vehicles so as to have more on a town block.

I have also ordered a unit of Russian Infantry in greatcoats ... I believe they should be easy to paint up and might get me back into painting and gaming with my Napoleonic figures again!