Napoleonic Russian Infantry in Greatcoat

After finishing the massive East German force, I thought I'd get back to "normal" painting. This translate into 28mm Napoleonics and as I had some Russian in greatcoats lying around from Elite Miniatures, so that is what hit the painting table last week.
Russian Infantry Battalion in Greatcoats
As I plan on at least three more of these units, I was looking for a simple paint scheme for an already simple model to paint. I found a can of sandish spray paint that I thought when inked would look good as the color for a russian great coat.
My Test Subjects
As I am want to do, I normally paint one or two figures up to get a feel for the paint scheme and if it needs any changes. In this case I painted up four figures as that is how I had mounted them.
Then I start blocking out the figures, though after some reading and internet searches I decided to vary up the color of the greatcoats by adding in some greyish and red brown coats.

Not much to the block painting and after only two one hour paint sessions I had all the figures blocked out. Then I washed the figure in a mix of Army Painter soft and strong tone, though on the pants and face I went with just straight soft tone.

Adding my three levels of rocks
Letting the wash dry over the weekend (well Sunday in my case) I then glued the figures four to a base and set about basing them up. Most of the time I hit the sides of the bases with a brown color to hid the paint chips after removing them from the painting strips of cardboard.

I use three types of rocks on each base, then a flocking mix over 70-80% of the base. Finally I add in some tufts and clump foliage to the bases.

Flocking mix added to bases.

To the right is my container of clump foliage scraps that I use for basing.

 Then I hit the models with clear coat to dull them up and "glue" down any loose flocking.
Battalion Line

Column of Companies

Still need to add two flags to it, but i don't have any right now and I'd like to do all four battalions at once.

The figures are decent figures except for the shako's ... those really need to be redone, it is hard to paint the cords and not sure about the front of the shako. I think it is supposed to be the eagle but even with magnifying glasses I could not make heads or tails on it so just dabbed some gold around the area.