Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Let me hear your battlecry! - part 1

I finally received the Saxon figures from Gripping Beast last week and have started working on them. See a previous post on my latest project.

There was a little more clean up of the figures than I expected, especially as I had to clean up the hands to receive a weapon. But they are overall decent figures and am looking forward to getting them painted and on the gaming table.

I am starting with the leaders and elite troops ... the warband will need sixteen to start with, but have decided to paint up some extra's for potential upgrades throughout any campaign, so am painting twenty two.

As you can see I started with a quick application of silver on the chainmail and helmets. Except for the leader figure which I am going for gold armor. I'll add in the flesh next, then work on all the cloth. I am still debating on whether to paint the small shields or use shield transfers.
After the elite troops, I will work on the basic warriors ... another 24 figures. I plan on panting them in basic colors. Same for the archers which I'll do after the warrior figures. The last group I plan on doing is the four light cavalry figures ... not even sure the campaign will last long enough for them to be added to the warband, but it is only four figures so why not!

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