Monday, September 21, 2015

Dark Age Arthurian Church

So why I am waiting for the figures to arrive for the Dux Britanniarum project, I decided to work on a building we'll need for one of the scenarios, Raiding a Church.

I searched the web for some inspiration and ideas, though settled on mashing together a few images. Got out the graph paper and penned the design. Then cut out the basics shapes and glued them to the foam core. Which in turn I cut out and glued to the shape below.

 I decided to keep the area mostly open, to facilitate easy figure placement and movement. The top half is removable.

 I read that many churches in Britain had round apse, so cut out one end of the building and a section of a cardboard tube. This turned out to be the most difficult part of the whole build and would do it differently the next time I do this style of building feature.

I assembled the pieces, made a couple of doors and putted up the walls. Then hot glued it to a base. I added some stone patches for a walkway.

 The top went through several modifications, but I settled on using rare earth magnets to keep it in place. I really needed to add some strength to the roof and may go back to add them in.

 The painting was pretty straight forward ... went with a non-white, beige tan color. The roof tiles look good, much better in person than the picture shows.

The flocking around the stone pathway worked out really well and to add some "spice" glued on a couple of trees to the front. I was talked out of putting any kind of cross on the front, though may go back and add a Celtic or "Romanized" cross at a later time.

Plenty of room to move figures around. When I have time, I am going to add some interior features to the building; marble flooring and tapestries around the sides being the easiest.

But for now it is ready to use in our first Church raid ... now for the troops.

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