Thursday, June 22, 2017

Napoleonic Buildings - Plancenoit

Ken and I have been floating the idea of doing the Prussian attack at Waterloo in 28mm. This got me thinking on what terrain we would need. The village of Plancenoit should be the main focus of the game so started thinking about how to represent it on the gaming table. My initial thinking is that we'll need about ten 9"x9" BUA's, or about five feet of village.

I am pretty sure I will be using "tall" 20mm bldgs, as I think we need lots of buildings to get the "village look" but still have space to put bases in each sector. I already have a couple of 20mm resin buildings and plan on using them as templates to create up about 15-20 buildings.

I created up a test building, and while it took a little longer to make than I thought, I think it turned out pretty good, or at least good enough when put next to 15 other buildings, walls and trees.

The Original
I'll most likely need to do something different for the roofs ... too costly for essentially "throw away" buildings. I am leaning towards just drawing them in, though might cut strips and stack them up for the roof tiles.
The Front
Using the grid paper really made making the windows and doors easy ...
The Back
I added some coffee sticks and brick to the sides, then applied spackle. I'll thin out the spackle even more on the next batch of buildings. I might add more features on a few select buildings but am thinking I'll build most of them like this. Sanded down the spackle, and primed the building.

Once the primer was dry, I rough out the colors for the roof, building sides and brick work.

Then brightened up the colors with heavy dry brush.

 Painted in few details, such as the windows and different colored bricks.

Walla! One down fourteen more to go :)

Most of them won't be this big, I'll do about eight single level buildings and half a dozen smaller two story buildings.

Edit: Looking at the map and deployments of the French and Prussians I may rotate the village and just have the top half or two thirds of it on the table. This would cut down on the number of buildings needed

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