Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Festeplatz - KGCII

Ken has been working on a lot of WWII Russians the last couple of months and was keen on running an Eastern Front scenario. So he came up with a scenario that had a reinforced Russian Mechanized Corps sets its sights on a German "Festeplatz" held by a battered infantry division.  Their only hope is to hold on long enough for the 3rd SS Panzer Division to arrive and restore the front line.

As is the norm on these big games, I was not able to participate that much! Though I was able to get some pictures of the game from Mark and had a brief understanding of how the game played out.

The Russians advanced upon the 1st line of fortifications held by infantry with a few AT guns ... the preliminary bombardment was fairly effective and pinned most of the line. The Germans eventually fell back or retreated as several battalions of Russian tanks arrived, in particular the battalion of ISU-122 really threatened to open up the German center.

A German PaK front was established on the right flank made up of a whole lot of PaK 43's! Though they took heavy return fire, the batteries smashed the ISU-122 battalion and halted an advance column of T-34's. Now most of the Russian armor skirted wide of the PaK front over to the German left flank.

So when the Recon bn from the 3rd SS arrived it drove down to the left flank to counter the massing Russian armor and troops. 

Both sides advanced into and around a wooded area that some German grenadiers decided was a good place for a final stand. The Soviets made a big push into the woods but could not dislodge the grenadiers or SS troops, so fell back to recover.

While the russian attack smashed the front line troops, it was not able to make headway into the village as more German reinforcements arrived. And when the flanking mechanized corps arrived the Germans had stabilized both flanks ensuring that the road was clear. It was at this point the soviet attack was called off (aka we ran out of time!)

We called it a German victory even though the Grenadiers took a pounding, but that was expected as they bore the full brunt of the soviet attack and were able to maintain complete control over the village.

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