Monday, May 8, 2017

Unfinished Terrain

So I have been in a major painting slump for a couple of months now ... a lot of it has to do with the issue that I don't really have any interesting painting projects on the table. But there is also the issue of lighting in that after I moved my painting table the lighting is not very good anymore.

To help get out of the slump I thought I go about finishing off a several terrain pieces that a customer had left behind after he moved out of the state. Of the four pieces, I have already finished two last week and think I'll get the other two done this week.

First up was a Cave Entrance / Rock Formation. It was made up from a bunch of scrap material and I think he intended it to be used in Frostgrave games. What you don't see is what I spent the most time working on, which was cutting and tearing the straight flat sections and trying to eliminate the seam lines between the five layers of foam. It also help that I did not fully protect the piece, so when I spray primed it, the chemicals ate away at the foam giving it a very irregular look.

I did not like how the stone path turned out, I almost tore them off ... still thinking about it :)

What went on in this inner cave?
I tore out most of the top and expanded the left "inner cave" so as to better fit a figure. Basically the same with the center alcove. On the back of the 'cave' where the tunnel came out, I cut the grade down as much as I could, so that miniatures can be placed on the slope without tumbling down. I also kept several flat ledges so that a player may put a miniature or two on them.
Our hero has a height advantage against any foes attacking him.

The intrepid Hero passes through the very, very short dark tunnel :)

Half way point as he climbs to the top of the rock formation.

Next up was a piece for I believe SAGA. At first I think it was just going to be large flat stone piece, but then changed to an old "natural" house. I again did not fully protect the foam and got this very irregular stone work. I have just added some putty and stones to the top and base.
Must be winter all the grass is dead...

Hope the roof doesn't collapse.

I painted the door and added flocking to it. Used a basic green, but then though it was a to uniformed "cut", so added a blend of larger pieces of flock to all surface areas ... this made it a little too green, so then watered down some glue and went over it again with some dried static grass. The mess came out pretty good.

"None Shall Enter!!!"

So that leaves the Raised Road and Peasant House to do this week. The raised road (I think it was going to be a raised railway section at one point) is in 2 two feet sections, so just fits across one of our 4' x 6' tables. I am going to test out using Modge Podge to seal the terrain, I'll add black paint to it so won't need to spray primer it either.

This peasant house was done very quickly and needs more work on it than I really want to put into it. I will most likely just spackle the outside walls and ground; then a quick paint job on it. For the roof I'll glue it down better but not sure I can "fix" it to look like layers of straw at this point.

I'll post an update on both of the above pieces next week (part two).

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