Tuesday, April 4, 2017

28mm Fencing

As part of the MAW2 project I was keen on doing up some new terrain to use. The group has plenty of buildings, so I was going to focus on fences and Southeast Texas trees ... though admit don't know how those look different than the trees we already have at the store :)

First though I would work on the fences, and as I wanted to do lots of them, I was going to do them "cookie cutter" style. I purchased some bamboo skewers, got the tacky glue, clippers and a miniature to use as a guide and went to work on a prototype. I rough cut out a template (might do up another one to make it a little "cleaner"), then lots of short supports and long beams for my first batch.

I settled on a 11" long, three section fence for the bulk of my fencing (I'll do a few two section ones so as to be able to vary the fenced off sections). I wanted the fence to be high so brought the top up to a figure's shoulders.

With the prototype done, I cranked out six more sections, with one of being a gate. Though before doing anymore I decided to base and paint them up in case I needed to make any more changes.

For the basing, I wanted to have a small footprint, so instead of a section of cardstock, I went with a couple of washers in the middle and a blob of hot glue for the outer posts.

It work out well, except I inadvertently weakened the gate section and had to glob a lot of glue on to give it some strength. The downside to the washers is that I think the fences are "game weak" and won't stand up to much of your typically wargamer handling ... but the are easily fixable so onto the paint!

I primed the fences and then using some some cheap acrylic paint, got to painting them. I chose Territorial Beige for the base color and then did a wet blend with Trail Tan.  I actually let most of the paint dry so it was more of a "dry" wet blend :), then flocked the bases and called them good.

Overall they came pretty good and won't be changing the process much, if at all. The painting of the fences turned out to be the longest part of the build! This first batch was a little over five feet of fencing and I want to at least double that. With perhaps a couple of special sections, like a broken fence, or a fence line tied into a dirt mound or rock etc... any Southeast Texas terrain ideas are welcomed!