Thursday, May 11, 2017

Unfinished Terrain (part 2)

I finished the two remaining terrain pieces today ... well I still have to decide if i should put more flock on the raised road, and then spray on a protective layer.

First up was the raised road, which was pretty easy, and mostly entailed a lot of dry brushing! This is what it looked like last week:

I then proceeded to put a colored layered of Mod Podge on it, that had some sand thrown in it for my base layer. Upon this layer I added more small rocks and dirt. I then used a darker brown to overpaint the road lines, followed by a heavy drybrush of a sand color over the two sections.

Once that dried, I started flocking both sections with my usual green mix, along with some clump foliage. This turned out to be too green, so used the same sandy color to drybrush over sections of the grass to lighten them up.

28mm M3 Halftrack that I use for my Russian forces.

The 28mm Tiger I barely fits on top of the road.

The Pz VI as it climbs over the elevated road section.
On one of the sections I added a culvert. I used some spare side walk pieces for the culvert and painted in some water.  I still need to give it a "wet" look and cover most of it up with foliage to call it done though. While the road sections could be used for 28mm miniatures, I think it is much better scaled for 15mm figures.
A couple of Hell Cat's overwatching both sides of the road.

The culvert is a little to blue right now, but once it is "wet" I'll add more foliage to it.

The last piece I had was the peasant building. I really did not do to much to it, just added some spackling to the walls, painted the inside and outside of the structure. Then I textured and flocked the base. The roof really needs to be redone and I should add windows and a door to it, but doubt I'll ever do that as is it is playable as is.

As you can see the roof does not fit.

My Saxon warrior leaving empty handed from the peasant hovel.

"Lets go ... not even worth burning down!"

That's all the unfinished terrain in the shop ... were going to be starting up a Frostgrave campaign at the store in a few weeks and perhaps I'll motivate myself to create up some new stone works for the campaign.

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