Saturday, March 21, 2015

On the Road to Denain - July 1712

We had another game of Beneath the Lily Banner last Saturday. This was our first “big” game, in that there were six gamers and one moderator (me). Some people  had a good time, some didn’t … kind of what you expect for the first play through with multiple people at the table.
The forces arrayed for battle, Dutch far side, French near side.
(Dutch commanders from left to right, Bob, Pat & Mike)
Each side had fourteen battalions of infantry, four squadrons of cavalry and three batteries. In hind sight I should have cut out a battery and at least three battalions of infantry per side. The French commander was rolled as a gifted leader, and was commanded by Troy, with Wes and John acting as sub commanders. While the Dutch commander, played by Bob, was rolled as competent; Mike and Pat acted as sub-commanders.
English in Dutch service from Bob’s collections (top), with columns of French infantry from Troy’s collection (bottom).
The French battalions advanced all along the front (they almost always had 100% orders), while the Dutch commanders kept the right flank stationary and attacked with the troops on the left .
A few Spanish battalions showed up to help the Dutch out!

The Dutch are making some headway, but the woods anchoring the French right, made it difficult for the Dutch cavalry to turn the flank.
The French had closed the distance and firing commenced all along the center of both armies.
An overhead shot near the end of the game, you can see on the left that the French cavalry is in the process of smashing the English horse.

Overall the game went as well as can be expected considering that most of the players had never played BLB2. As is the norm, there were a couple of game questions that the rules could not answer. But I am still very keen on the rules and look forward to running another game next month.

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