Friday, February 27, 2015

Napoleonic Spanish Militia

I have finished my battalion of provincial militia my Spanish contingent (still deciding on a flag, but will most likely go with the standard red X cross). As you may have read these are in fact figures from the Perry Carlist wars range.

Just enough red showing to add a little color to the unit.
 You’ll notice a priest is accompany the battalion … which fits in well with the militia theme.
I had some figures left over, so made up a skirmishing unit of Spanish guerillas.

And finally what Spanish army would be complete without a tiny unit of armed Monks!

Next up is a unit of Spanish cavalry … after which I may take a break from the Spanish. I’ll either work more on my Austrian contingent or get sucked into the Wars of the Spanish Succession that is sweeping the store!


  1. They look really nice. Perfect combination of Perry Miniatures and your painting and basing!

  2. And I see an Elite officer in there as well :) I also used Perry Carlist War figures for a couple of my Spanish militia battalions. Great minds and all that :)