Thursday, February 12, 2015

Napoleonic Spanish Infantry

Finished my third battalion of Spanish infantry for Black Powder. Overall they came out as expected ... not great, but not bad.
I just realized I missed the buttons!

I need to touch up the flags, edge the sides black, as well as the bullet holes.

Grenadiers bearskin bag came out pretty well ... I like the light blue in it.
I am working on a fourth battalion, a militia battalion. Had some issue finding figures, until Mark suggested I look at the Perry Carlist figures ... only about 20 years off, but militia is militia!
My little workstation at the shop.

About 50% done ... might cut down on the red.
To left you'll notice some armed monks/priests,
I thought one or two would be a good fit with a Spanish militia unit :)




  1. Look good! These militia will be a good complement to the game.

  2. Nice - like the lot of them. I used the same figures as you.