Wednesday, March 25, 2015

28mm Elite Miniatures Napoleonic Spanish Cavalry

Today I finished the Spanish cavalry unit for Black Powder … they turned out alright, a little too heavy on the dip, so they do have a very dirty appearance. The figures weren’t that bad to paint up and for the most part I liked painting the Elite Miniature cavalry figures.

The main problem with the figures came up when I was basing the unit. I realized quickly that the posing of the figure, in particular the sword arm being posed down, was a going to be a problem.

Generally three cavalry figures to a base is already a tight fit, the arm pose increased the “width” of the figure by about 15% which meant that I would not be able to fit them in a line but had to stagger them. Even then the figures do not really “fit” as those swords would be cutting up their neighbors’ horse! I am hopeful that no other cavalry figures have that issue.

I am done painting Spanish for a while, and so next up is a unit of Hungarian infantry for my Austrian army. These are Perry figures, so expect to paint them up quickly.


  1. Yes they look very nice! A little encouragement from your neighbor never hurt Spanish cavalry's resolve.

  2. You are not wrong about the sword arms. I mounted mine two to a base and had the same issue.