Friday, May 1, 2015

Napoleonic Hungarian Infantry

I have finished another battalion of Hungarian infantry for my Austrian army. I already had two battalions, so this one was to bring the brigade up to three battalions, like my other German brigade of three battalions.

I don't have a standard yet for the battalion. But I am going to use a high priced cloth flag, and currently waiting for it to arrive. Though pricy, the samples I have seen are very nice!

The figures are Perry Miniatures and as usual are extremely well sculpted and casted. I really like painting perry figures and choose them if possible.

The only downside with this particular code was that half the figures muskets were down, so I had to go back and make sure those figures were in the front rank. However, this meant that when the battalion is in Attack Column (shown above) the bayonets poked into the back of the front rank stands, which is a minor inconvenience.

I have already started my next project, Austrian Cuirassiers from Perry Miniatures. I think these should be easy to paint up and have set a goal to finish them before our next game in three weeks.

I am kind of in a “1813-14” mood for nappy’s, so have lined up several more Austrian units, a couple of Cuirassier regiments, a Genz battalion and 2-3 Landwehr battalions. I will have do up a few more leader stands and might throw in a 12lb battery.


  1. They look Good! Hopefully they'll perform as well on the table top.

  2. Nice. Sorry I called them Prussians. Hope they're not still mad at me.