Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Melee over Gotha, Germany 1944

Ken ran another CY6 game last weekend ... While I started the game, I ended up missing about half the game helping customers (otherwise known as working!).

We have been getting more and more games of CY6! in and now are pretty comfortable with the rules. Though I do seem to still forget a lot of the little details, thankfully Chris and Ken are there to keep me honest :) The only issue I am not keen on is the bomber's shooting ... very time consuming and wish we had a simpler way of adjudicating it.

The sixteen B-17 bombers had to move from one side of the table to the other side. Each flank was protected by a flight of P-51. The Germans had a mix of BF-109 and FW-190's, eight of them to shoot down as many B-17's as they could.

I controlled the right flank P-51's, while Seann controlled the left flank (or all of them while I was away). Ken had FW-190's while Chris flew BF-109's.

My flight swoop forward, then banked to the left at a pair of BF-109's ... and passed right by them without firing! I then poured on the power and raced toward some FW-190's. I got a couple of burst off and was in the process of turning back towards some BF-109's, when I had to step away from the game.

I came back in time to see most of the B-17's fly of the board edge, though three had been shot down. Combined with the loss of a couple of German fighters, enough bombers got off the table for an American victory.

 Ken is already working on the next game ... I will try and take better pictures next time!

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