Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Ghar Battleforce

Had a few left over models from the release of the Beyond the Gates of Antares last year. In addition, I traded the set of Concord figures which came with the set for more Ghar battlesuits. They had been sitting in a box since then, so thought I would break out the airbrush to quickly paint up the figures.

I was not keen on the light grey or white theme shown throughout the book ... it seems just to "Hi Tech" for the Ghar, so went with a green and brown theme.

Meet my "Little Friends" - Ghar Outcast Commander with twelve battlesuits

Standard Ghar Battlesuit - main weapon is the Scourer Cannon

Ghar Assault Suit - the Gouger gun pins the enemy. Then they move in and finish them with the Plasma Claw.
The limited edition BtGA had a special character figure, Fartok leader of the Outcast Revolt. Not sure if I'll get around to painting up any more Ghar, but if I do, I have a pretty cool figure for a command squad. It seems that if a Ghar screws up (and survives), it has its suit taken away and is referred to as an Outcast aka penal battalion. It would appear that not all Ghar appreciate the one strike rule :)
Fartok without its Battlesuit -
 I thought the red "eyes" really help make the figure stand out. Initially was going to go with "glowing" yellow, but thought a sharp contrast would work better.

I have already done up a couple of squads for the Algoryn and Boromite factions; now the Ghar. I should probably just stick to one faction and complete it!

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  1. Looks great Jon! You always were a wiz with the airbrush!