39th New York Regiment "Garibaldi Guard"

So I have been in a little bit of a painting slump since finishing the two battalions of Russian Infantry in greatcoats. I have also been itching to get back into ACW, so thought I kill two birds with one stone, finishing up some long overdue painting projects (the 39th and Union Cavalry) and creating an excuse to get in a game of Fire & Fury.

First up was the 39th NY, known as the Garibaldi Guard or Lincoln's Foreign Legion. To be honest I don't know much about the unit, I am mostly Scottish, not Italian :) I mainly wanted a unit that looks different than the dozens of other Union regiments I already have!

The regiment was not only composed of Italians, but included German, Hungarian, Swiss, French, Spanish, and Portuguese immigrants as well. The regiment was organized in New York City under Colonel Frederick George D’Utassy and mustered into service for three years on June 6, 1861.

Besides numerous skirmishes, the regiment fought at the following battles: 1st Bull Run (1861),  Battle of Cross Keys (1862), Battle of Gettysburg (1863), Battle of the Wilderness (1864), Battle of Spottsylvania (1864), and the Appomattox Campaign (1865).

During its period of service, 5 officers and 62 enlisted men were killed in action; 3 officers and 49 enlisted men died of wounds received in action; 1 officer and 158 enlisted men died of disease and other causes. In total, 278 men (9 officers and 269 enlistees) died while in service in the regiment. Of those, 1 officer and 99 enlisted men died while captured by the Rebel army.

Next is to finish the twenty stands of union cavalry that are now on the painting table.