Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Resguardo Irregular Cavalry

I have painted my last unit for my Second Mexican-American War force! Of course I have said that in the past and seem to keep adding units to the army (and as I write this I realize I probably need to paint up six figures for the dismounted option for this unit!).

As I previously posted, I was not happy with the size of the Gringo40 figures. So I bought a pack of Old Glory irregular mexican cavalry on our last order with OG. These were from their mexican american war line, and I suspect not much would have changed in the ensuing 20 years, so I think they'll fit in pretty well as 1864 irregular cavalry . I did clip off the cross piece of the lances to make them more "modern" :)

I intend to use these figures as a Resguardo Irregular Cavalry unit, but I may also use them as line lancers. So I decided to paint them a little more uniformed than they "probably" would have been. I searched online for a pic, found one of a cavalryman in a bluish/grey jackets and greenish/black pants that I liked for inspiration. I mostly copied the picture but did add a few of my own flourishes (like the red/white/green bands) to get the below results.

Resguardo Irregular Cavalry
And to lead this trusty (well more likely untrustworthy) unit, is Fausto "I don't need no stinking rank" Hernandez.
Fausto Hernandez
The pack came with ten figures, and I used eight figures for the unit and the one for the leader. This left the below figure that I painted up as well. Not sure what I'll use him for, perhaps a scout or messenger, but most likely he'll grace the table as an NPC in any games we play.
SeƱor Pepe Romero with his old pistola

Our British force has fallen through, but looks like we have pick up another Mexican force. So I expect the next blog post for the MAW2 project will be a battle report of the first scenario of the programmed campaign I have worked on.