Wednesday, January 11, 2017

US 155mm Battery

Lately I have been finishing up old projects, and this week it was a section of US 155mm howitzers for Flames of War that I finally finished.

A new 4th edition FOW is coming out this year (IMO entirely NOT needed), though it is geared toward Mid-War (which is entirely needed). Fortunately most of my American forces can be used in both mid or late war, as can these 155mm's.

US 155mm Howitzer Section
The green on the howitzers was darker than I wanted, but it will suffice for gaming. With all the 28mm figures I have painted these past few years, I had forgotten how much darker paints looks on 15's.
The 155mm Howitzer model barely fits on the supplied base
I went with a painted table, as I felt a wood color would blend to much with the pants. I like this staff team set, especially as it is just a generic set.
The Staff Team, ready to repeat any bombardments or coordinate other indirect fire.
I was not happy with how the tan jackets turned out, and they really don't look the same as my original US figures. I will just tell myself that they are newer issued jackets and have not faded as much :)
Battery Commander, he also can acts as a secondary spotter.
I really liked the FO figures, and the only thing that would have made them better is if the figure on the left was either looking through binos or was consulting a map.
FO Team, ready to call in the big guns!
I may look at finishing up my French Foreign legion figures ... I have a few AT guns and another platoon to do for them. Though I am trying to talk myself into doing up a Team Yankee army for the store.

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