Friday, July 3, 2015

Thirty Years War - 28mm P&S Project

As a few of you may know, Pat C. is working on a 30YW Pike & Shotte project, specifically he is concentrating on the Swedish army from the 1632 Battle of Lützen. I won't be doing much for this project (have enough of them already!), mainly just converting a few ECW regiments to Imperialist regiments.

Pat has three units already painted up, and I thought it would be of interest to some to get a few photos of the finished unit.

Up first is a regiment from the Blue Brigade:

For Pike & Shotte the regiment is comprised of three units, one Pike block and two Shotte sleeves.

The Pike Block is comprised of 16 models on four 40mm by 40mm bases.

Each Shotte Sleeve unit is comprised of twelve models ...
based four figures on a 40mm by 40mm base.
The illustrious leader of the brigade.
There will be more units to follow as he finishes basing up painted figures. His first wave will be five regiments of foot, three cavalry regiments, two guns and several leaders.