Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Uncle Duke in the Shop

I was fortunate to meet Duke Seifried today. As some of you may know, Duke used to put on extravagant display games at Historicon. I had met him in the early 2000's, well really just saw him at Historicon, when he put on the Babylon I game in 2005 (see below). So it was really great to actually meet and discuss the hobby with him today.

I was contacted by a local film and video production company (Hostile Work Environment) that is working on a short documentary/bio of a miniatures sculptor and painter from the ‘60s and ‘70s who is no other than Duke Seifried. They needed a historical miniature game store for backdrop and asked if they could film at The Panzer Depot. I of course agreed and so was able to spend a few hours talking “shop” with him. I was surprised by how many aspects of the hobby he has been involved with and look forward to seeing the finished video next year to get the full story.

Duke is going to be in an online movie/series set in the world of Chaldea, as the “Toy Maker”. The world was created by Peter Adkins (the founder and first CEO of Wizards of the Coast), who was also was at the shop. I don’t have many details on it but it should be released at next year’s GenCon.

What they were shooting today was additional content for the website, in this case bio information on Duke. It is even possible that a few seconds of myself might make it into the video … I might literally have 15 seconds of fame after the editors are done with the several hours for shooting! I’ll let you all know when I get more information on the project.

To help out with his medical cost (he is a cancer survivor) he is selling off those Historicon displays.


  1. Very cool, John. I'd like to see the finished film.

  2. My father deserves the recognition. I look forward to seeing it! -Benjamin Seifried