Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Battle of Essling 1813

This week Bob created and organized our Black Powder game ... the battle was loosely based off the Battle of Essling but set in 1813!

The idea was that French side held a couple of buildings at one end of the battlefield. The allies would attack the buildings directly but would also have another force driving down the flank, so the French would have to decide how many brigade to release to hold up the allied flank attack.

As I partook in the game, don’t really have an idea how the whole battle progressed. I can say that my Russian brigade got stuck in with Dave and Kens French and was the first brigade to break in the game … even though they were all “ubber” stubborn troops!

Here are some pics of the game

Austrian battalions march on the Essling church

Prussians, that filled in for Austrians, but used Russians stats!

Pats Russian brigade moves forward on my right flank.

Italians hold the wall and burnt out church

W├╝rttembergers backing up the Italian brigade.

The Russians and French collide

More Pictures!


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